Fishing in North Queensland

fishing in north queensland- archived stories

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'Great First Trip in New Boat' - Fishing the Barron river for saltwater barra



'Triumphant Time at Tinaroo'- An unlikley capture of large Tinaroo barra



'Good Grunter in the Russell'-  Fishing the Russell river for grunter


'Tangle Tames Tinaroo Beast'- Fishing the 2006 Tinaroo Barra Bash



'Summer Stirs Inlet Jacks' - Fishing Trinity Inlet in summer 


'Simple Sweetwater Success' - Fishing for freshwater species by car topper


'Adapting to Dam Barra''-  Fishing busy Lake Tinaroo in summer


 'Hot Trout Bite'- Fishing for coral trout on the Cairns reefs 


'Fantastic Fingermark Find'- Targeting fingermark on inshore marks



'Finding the Nomad's Motive'- Fishing Hinchinbrook Channel for various species


'Squally Weather Spanish Mackerel'- Succeeding with spanish mackerel off Cairns 


'Tall Trevally Tales'- Fishing for giant trevally on inshore wrecks



'Cold Night Moves'- Fishing Trinity Inlet by night in winter 



'Skinny Water of the South Johnstone' - Estuary sportfishing in Innisfail



'The Great Gold Spot Send Off'-  Fun on the reef bottom bashing for table species 



'Staff make it Sooty Saturday' - A day fishing the rapids for sooty grunter  


 'Insane Sooty Fishing Discovered' - Fishing for large highland sooties


'Summer Reef Challenges'- Reef fishing in FNQ during summer 



'The Great Pelagic Journey'- A day at Arlington reef chasing pelagics



'Floods Bring Fish Inshore'- Chasing inshore spanish mackerel after floods



'Subtlety Succeeds in the Night'- Fishing for after dark saltwater barra

'A Worthy Alternative...'- Fishing the Johnstone river's freshwater reaches



'Hitting Back by Kayak'- Fishing freshwater rivers by kayak 



'When an Angry Fish Bites Back'- A dangerous side to fishing for mackerel



'Fish and Anglers with Large Mouths'- Targeting large mouth nannygai



'The Lure of the South Johnstone'- Lure casting the South Johnstone river



'Bad Luck and the Big Giant Trevally'- A unique encounter with a large trevally


'The Reef Fishing Mission' - Fishing off Mission Beach with Ausfish


'Barra's on Fire After the Big Wet'- Angling at Aplins brings on barra


'Tinaroo's New Generation' - Fishing Lake Tinaroo after high rainfall 



'Tackling Shallow Reef Thugs'-  A Day of Lure casting for Giant Trevally


'A Quiet Canoeing Challenge'-  A freshwater canoeing trip to be remembered


'Cardwell's Reef Fishing Rewards'- Two days of reef fishing and fun in Cardwell 



'When Less Can be More'- Estuary lure casting during cold weather


'Successful Fishing in Weipa' - Discovering new fishing techniques on Qld's west coast


'The Lake of a Thousand Casts'- Tinaroo dam's rewards for extreme perseverance


'A Special Capture'-  Tangling with large pelagics off Mourilyan harbour



'Sanity Saving Barra Session'- Fishing Lake Tinaroo after cyclone Olga for giant barra



'Finding Hot Freshwater Fishing'- Freshwater fishing around Innisfail during summer months


'Fishing with Harro'- An estuary trip with young fisherman Ryan 'Harro' Harris



'Dam Fishing in the Dark'- Targetting lake Tinaroo barra at night



'Lining up Deepwater Nannygai'-  Preparing your gear for deepwater reef fishing



 'Fishing at any Cost!'-   Common approaches to fishing in Innisfail defied 


'A Day Worth Waiting For'-  Mackerel season action at Mourilyan harbour



'Unpredictable Fish and Weather'- Mourilyan's unpredictable inshore pelagic species



'The Search for Jungle Perch'- A guide to targeting jungle perch in Far North Queensland


'Fishing Lake Moondarra'-  The search for Mount Isa's outback barramundi



'Fishing for Future Benefit'-  A competition organised by Mount Isa's fish stocking group


'Barra Growing Basics'-  A personal account of barramundi aquaculture



'A Second Chance for Barramundi and Anglers' -  Mount Isa fish rescues after 2011 floods


'Warming up for Great Fishing at Lake Moondarra'-  Info for anglers visiting Mount Isa



'2011 Xstrata Mount Isa Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic Outline'- Info for competitors


'Cracking the Mangrove Code'- How to find large jacks and barramundi in NQ estuaries

 '2011 Xstrata Mount Isa Lake Moondarra Fishing Classic Report'- The results from 2011




'A Taste for Outer Reef Reds'- Fishing deepwater reefs at night for red emperor



'Youngfella Aye?- Tips for early angling success in NQ'- Helpful hints for young anglers


'Breaking into the Metre Club!'- Catching metre long saltwater barramundi after dark



'Rallying to Restock Lake Moondarra'- An important day for barra fishing in Mount Isa