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Lake Julius sooties

Posted by Dan (Admin) on April 11, 2012 at 11:50 PM

I hope all of you were able to get on the water over the Easter break. On Tuesday my mate Heinrich and I set off for Lake Julius located approxmately 90mins drive out of Mount Isa. 8)


On driving the Lake Julius road we noticed a pair of camels unknowingly obstructing traffic which forced us to stop. The smaller of the pair appeared to be an albino so upon seeing this I naturally I grabbed out my canon for some shots. Two seconds later the low battery signal popped up, but I had just enough time to fire off  a dozen pics before they dissapeared. Keeping in mind that I had a spare rechargable battery I wasn't too concerned- but it turned out to have also gone flat! (a long time between trips). An indifferent start to the trip! After casting to snags for six hours it didn't seem to matter because practically all we had caught were vermin. Namely hordes of small catfish, one large longtom and only three sooties.

We eventually realised we were using the wrong tactic. The sounder showed sooties were holding in huge schools in deep water of around six meters. Throwing out a pair of flatz rats behind the boat saw us both hooked up instantly- the spot was promptly marked on the gps. For the next hour we were constantly hooking, fighting and releasing sooties (and the bloody annoying catfish!). We ended up boating twelve sooties and six catfish from a ten metre zone that lit up with fish on each pass. The biggest sooty went 42cm, but I'm sure we lost larger fish. During the trolling I was smoked twice into the timber (with 15lb braid/30lb leader and moderate drag) costing me two flatz rats. One one run we also registered a triple hookup between the two of us! (two fish on one lure).


I reckon with what we learnt that day we will get much better results at Julius in future!:)

* Check out the photo album in the near future to see our photos and take a look at the other site updates.

Till next time!

- Dan (Admin @





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